April 2021

  • What are the types and definitions of fabric?

    It is crucial to understand fabric, whether you are creating new clothes or cleaning old ones. This is especially true if your fabric is a valuable piece and you want it to last longer. Different fabrics can have different properties that can influence how you treat clothing. A fabric's fiber contents will have…
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  • What is fabric?

    It doesn't matter if you are sewing new clothes or just cleaning your old clothes, it is important to understand fabric. This is especially true for fabric that has been used a lot. Different fabrics have different properties, which can impact how you treat your clothing. The fiber content of one fabric can…
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  • What are the different types of fabric?

    Understanding fabric is important, whether you're making new clothes or cleaning out old ones. This is especially important if you own a piece of fabric that will last a long time. Different fabrics have different properties which can greatly influence how you care for your clothes. One example is how you clean a…
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  • What's the purpose of PVC film?

    PROPERTY The third most common synthetic plastic, polyvinyl, is also known under the names poly(vinyl chlorineide) or PVC. It is a cost-effective and versatile thermoplastic with good impact and dimensional stability. It can easily be extruded, calendered, die-cut, as well as printed using offset or conventional screen printing. It can be made clear,…
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  • What purpose is PVC Film used for?

    PROPERTIES Polyvinyl is also known by the name poly(vinyl chloride or PVC) and it is the third most commonly produced synthetic plastic. It is a versatile thermoplastic that can be used in many applications. It has excellent weathering properties and good impact strength and dimensional stability. It is easily extruded and calendered. It…
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  • What uses is PVC film?

    PROPERTIES The third most popular synthetic plastic is polyvinyl. It's also known as poly(vinylchloride) or PVC. It is versatile and economical, with excellent weathering and impact strength. It is easy to extrude, calendered, and die-cut. It can also be printed with offset and conventional screen printing methods. It can be either clear or…
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  • Making the Choice of Foul Weather Gear

    Foul Weather Gear, Poncho Raincoat Foul weather gear does the challenging job of protecting individuals, especially boaters from rogue waves, spray and rain. Nevertheless, if these were the only requirements then almost every individual would be wearing the simple slickers available in the market. Apart from offering external water protection,…
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  • Benefits of Poncho raincoat

    Fluorescent Raincoat Fabric, PVC Film Manufacturers It's essential to consistently get ready for the rainy climate. No one can really tell when it will rain. The ideal Foul weather gear relies upon the movement you're doing, the climate you expect, how much stuff you need to convey, just as close…
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