High Quality And Affordable Wholesale Of PVC Based Raincoats

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Raincoats are your best friend during the monsoon as it comes with the convenience of wearing over the clothes, without the fear of being drenched. Changzhou Keming Plastic Co. Ltd use advance technology and process for manufacturing high quality raincoats for casual and industrial purpose.

The raincoats manufacturers use innovative and high quality material for designing waterproof raincoats. The raincoats are available in versatile style and pattern with a range of fabric and material used for its construction. All the raincoats are quality tested and assured of their strength, durability, and odor-less, user-friendly.

Convenient and Comfortable Raincoats for All

As raincoats wholesale manufacturer, all the products are made from eco-friendly and breathable material. The water proof products include both raincoats and ponchos which are ideal for shielding from the rain.

The PVC along with PVC knitted and woven type of material is mostly used by the raincoats manufacturers for production of different types of raincoats


The kids raincoat are made from biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safety material and are even available in range of style and pattern. The adult PVC material raincoats are long lasting with its high strength.

The raincoats wholesale export of the raincoats at affordable price is a great option for businesses into selling raincoats.

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