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  • Labour Protection Waterproof Oversleeves
       Labour Protection Waterproof Oversleeves High quality PVC material, soft touch, comfortable wearing, oil proof and waterproof, easy to clean and practical.The elastic cuff design can prevent the water from entering the clothes, and better protect the cleanness of the sleeves.   Item: PVC Oversleeves Sizes: 40*20cm Material: PVC…
  • Waterproof PVC Apron Manufacturers
       Waterproof PVC Apron Manufacturers We have different fabrics for apron.The 3 most commonly used fabrics are: PVC film, PVC knitted fabric, PVC woven fabric. All the fabrics are waterproof, oil proof and weak acid & alkali resistance.Adjustable neck and waist belt, easy to wear.   Item: PVC Apron…
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