Polyvinyl, also called poly (vinyl chloride) or PVC, is the third most broadly created manufactured plastic. It is a flexible and cost-productive thermoplastic of good dimensional solidness and effect strength (when plasticized), and superb enduring properties. It can be simply extruded, calendered and die cut, and can be printed by traditional screen printing and offset printing methods.. Decided by the components, it tends to be transparent or matte, colored or white, rigid or flexible.. It can likewise be effectively reprocessed utilizing heat.

PVC has strong polar backbone and strong intermolecular interaction. As a result, it is rigid at room temperature. Notwithstanding, it very well may be effectively mellowed (plasticized) by mixing with plasticizer during creation. This adaptability is a significant benefit of vinyl polymers.

PVC film without plasticizer is called rigid vinyl film, though plasticized PVC is called flexible vinyl film.


PVC film is utilized as psychologist and stretch wrap for modern and purchaser merchandise and as bed wrap, nonetheless, on a lot more limited size than polyolefin films. Different utilizations incorporate packs, liners, bottle sleeving, sticky tape backing, marks, blood sacks and I.V. sacks. It is frequently PVDC covered when improved dampness hindrance properties are required.

FDA approved PVC is a nice choice for packaging fresh red meat, because it has semi permeability, that is, it has enough oxygen permeability to keep meat products fresh and bright red. PVC is usually used when transparency is important.

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