• What are the types and definitions of fabric?

    It is crucial to understand fabric, whether you are creating new clothes or cleaning old ones. This is especially true if your fabric is a valuable piece and you want it to last longer. Different fabrics can have different properties that can influence how you treat clothing. A fabric's fiber contents will have…
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  • What is fabric?

    It doesn't matter if you are sewing new clothes or just cleaning your old clothes, it is important to understand fabric. This is especially true for fabric that has been used a lot. Different fabrics have different properties, which can impact how you treat your clothing. The fiber content of one fabric can…
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  • What are the different types of fabric?

    Understanding fabric is important, whether you're making new clothes or cleaning out old ones. This is especially important if you own a piece of fabric that will last a long time. Different fabrics have different properties which can greatly influence how you care for your clothes. One example is how you clean a…
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