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What purpose is PVC Film used for?


Polyvinyl is also known by the name poly(vinyl chloride or PVC) and it is the third most commonly produced synthetic plastic. It is a versatile thermoplastic that can be used in many applications. It has excellent weathering properties and good impact strength and dimensional stability. It is easily extruded and calendered. It can be transparent or matt, color or white, rigid or flexible, depending on the composition. It can also be easily processed using heat.

PVC has a very polar backbone and strong intermolecular interactions. It is rigid at room temperature. However, it is easily softened (or plasticized) by adding plasticizer to the mix during fabrication. Vinyl polymers offer versatility, which is a big advantage.

PVC film without plasticizer can be called rigid vinyl film. Plasticized PVC can be called flexible vinyl film.

Vinyl Film Flexible

Flexible vinyl film can be used to protect oil and grease from the environment, while being oxygen permeable. It has excellent cling, clarity, and puncture resistance. These properties make flexible PVC ideal for food packaging. Flexible PVC can be used to preserve meat and other perishable products (if FDA approved). The melting point of plasticized PVC is lower than that of rigid vinyl and it has lower chemical resistance.

Vinyl Film Rigid

Rigid vinyl (also known as unplasticized, polyvinyl chloride or uPVC) is a lightweight and strong film. It is durable and low-cost, and it is resistant to many chemical agents. uPVC is generally able to be used at temperatures as high as 60°C. It is stronger and more flexible than flexible PVC but it has lower impact toughness and may crack depending on the environmental conditions.

PVC is not without its limitations. It can be hardened in cold and softened in hot. This can cause a change of properties and compromise the seal's strength. PVC can also emit small amounts hydrogen chloride into the atmosphere and cause carbon deposit on sealing equipment when heated. PVC shrink wrap must be sealed in a well ventilated area.


PVC film can be used for shrink and stretch wrap in industrial and consumer goods as well as pallet wrap. But, this is on a smaller scale than polyolefins films. Other uses include bags. bags. It can be PVDC coated if it has better moisture barrier properties.

PVC, FDA approved, is a great choice to package fresh red beef because it is semipermeable. This means it allows just enough oxygen to preserve the meat's bright red color and keep it fresh. PVC is often used where transparency is essential.